Got my Megahouse Detective Pikachu! WOW!

My last post was regarding how the final product of this Plush looked crappy compared to the prototype they Megahouse showed off. I still bit the bullet and spent $300.00 on this Plush, just to see how it looked in person, and well, I must say I am impressed!

I pulled him out of the box, and immediately “Aww’d” and hugged him. I had a really negative opinion on him based on the photos I saw online of him. But I can definitely say this is the best Detective Pikachu Plush on the market. Here he is next to my two Cine Home Detective Pikachus, and my WCT Detective Pikachu:

My personal opinion? The Megahouse Pikachu outshines the others by ALOT. I was convinced the CineHome Pikachu was the best, but it has been dethroned. I’m actually selling a CineHome Pikachu and my WCT Pikachu on eBay, if anyone wants the link message me! I need to make up for how expensive this Pikachu was. Also, LOOK AT HIS BELLY!

He’s such a cutie pie, I really love him. I’m glad I purchased him. Worth $300.00 though? (He was $260 plus tax PLUS $30 shipping)... well, honestly hard to say. I would say he’s worth $200, but $300 is ALOT. But I’m happy with him, it’s all personal preference honestly. Hope you enjoyed my post!

My Adorable Detective Pikachu Cine Home Plush!

I actually got him months ago when he first released, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like him. His fur was crazy and his proportions seemed off to me. I saw a post on here that someone else got theirs and made it look REALLY good, by trimming his fur and such! I trimmed him up and shaped him out, and wow, he doesn’t even look like the same Plush I got before! In my opinion, he looks amazing now! Look at that face! <3 Absolutely love him now. He DEFINITELY needs a trimming of his fur and a body morph in order for him to look the way he should! Thought I’d share these adorable pictures of him and my story with him :)

Victini arrived! Talking! :D

Victini!!! He's so awesome!! So cute! He talks although I havnt heard all his phrases yet all I've heard so far has been "Teeni!" "Coochee!" idk why it says Coochee lol. More pics!

His little wing tail thingys. Haha.

He always falls, so I have to hold him up :|

Group photo of all 3 Talking Plushies of Pokemon I own! Ima probably get an Emolga/Emonga next. Please Comment and tell me what you think about them!!! :D

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Talking Pokemon Pikachu and Mijumaru Plushies!!!!!

I've had these for awhile...I paid $145.00 for both, they were a limited release in Japan. They ACTUALLY speak to you! There is a voice box in them that you insert...and you say something and they respond with they're pokemon voices!

In box

Back of box

Out of box ^.^ They are VERY expensive (as I said above) and they're cool when your bored. :)

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Hey guys! Just wanted to show you my ALMOST COMPLETE Caterpie PLUSH Collection! (what am I saying? I don't have many friends,lol) but anyways..I just wanted to show it :)

Pretty cool! All I need is a Bell Caterpie!!! Looks like this...

I don't care if it's New or Used...but can someone help me find one?!?! I really want one! But that's my collection so far..thanks for looking! :3

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